Five years ago I embarked on a journey to tell the story of indigenous midwives around the world.  After traveling to Peru, Brazil, Namibia (South Africa), Columbia, Mexico and Costa Rica.  I discovered that traditional midwives face a far greater challenge than ever before, despite the fact that modern medicine is creating poor birth outcomes.  Meet Caputo from Yawalapitia in Brazil, hear her tell us about the practices in her tribe to insure the children grow up strong.  Then move on to Maria Auror from the mountains of Peru,  learn about her herbal lore. Then journey down to Colombia to meet waykeen hear him talk about mans responsibility in birth care and how there spiritual leaders, "the Mamo's" make payments to mother earth for the well being of the expectant mother.  Then on to Africa the roots of child birth and deep traditions of the Himba tribe from Namibia.  Mean while learn what Medical/Cultural Anthropologist has to share on the topic.

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